Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pork and pinot

We've now had snow and/or ice for the past three weekends.  Wine Authorities postponed their Pork and Pinot fundraiser twice and decided to go through with it this past Saturday anyway.  The snow was beautiful, but the roads were fine.  It was a bit nippy and windy, but the sun came out.
There are free tastings every Saturday at Wine Authorities.  This time, there were five pinots to sample.  I did get a quick sip of the pinot meunier before I got to work (the guys asked me to work since a large crowd was anticipated).  That is a grape generally reserved for making champagne.  It makes a lovely rosé pinot.  
After tasting, for a $5 donation, tickets holders could get a pork sandwich and a glass of their favorite pinot to accompany it.  This was to raise money for the NC Food Bank.  Coon Rock Farm, located on the Eno River in Hillsborough, brought the cooker and the pig.   Richard cooked and chopped all afternoon.  I was lucky enough to work outside, filling buns, supplied by Guglhupf Bakery, with the pork.  Slaw, also from Guglhupf, and Coon Rock's special sauce were added and voilà, lunch is served.  My fingers were cold, but I enjoyed myself tremendously.  Oui, I was in hog heaven.  No doubt about it.  I know that we served over 200 sandwiches because we ran out of Guglhupf's buns and had to use grocery store ones.
The BFF was also called into service.  She stayed inside, keeping Seth supplied with glasses at the tasting bar, occasionally filling my glass (wine at lunch-- how European and civilized!), and helping Mariana.  There was quite a crowd, but we had a break in the action around 2:00 so I got to sample what I'd been handing out.

I met a lot of wonderful people.  I do not know how much money was raised, but a good time was had by all.  I can see a future article for the Herald-Sun on Coon Rock and their soon-to-be-opened restaurant, Eno Restaurant and Market in downtown Durham.  Hmmm... how about a summer job?  Marco Shaw, the chef, came by and helped out for a while.  I had read about him in the paper and was so pleased to meet him.
I was paid in wine.  I could pick out any bottle in the store (only 450 to chose from).  I chose Domaine de Châteaumar Cuvée Bastien 2008 Côtes du Rhône.  The un-ex made it to the store in time to get a bottle of Devil's Corner 2008 Pinot Noir from Tasmania before it was all gone.  Here is what I think I will serve him with it--

Coon Rock Farm's Savory Sweet Ham Roast
(recipe by Jamie DeMent)

3-4 lb. ham roast
1/2 c. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. dried sage
1 Tbsp. rosemary
1 Tbsp. kosher salt
olive oil and pepper, to taste

Mix brown sugar, sage, rosemary, kosher salt and pepper.  Moisten rub with olive oil until it is the consistentcy of paste.  Rub liberally on ham roast.  Place in baking pan and cover with foil.  Cook in over at 300F until juices run clear (about 2 hours).  Uncover mean and roast 15 more minutes to brown.  Serve with sautéed greens (see Coon Rock website for recipe) and a good pinot noir.

Bon appétit, North Carolina Food Bank!

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