Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made cupcakes to take to my advisees tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  Teaching middle schoolers on Valentine's Day should earn us a medal of honor or a purple heart.  Sugar highs and longing for a sweetheart (or whatever they call it these days!).  But I admit, I love the holiday.  It goes back to the days of Valentine bags in elementary school and reading them over and over and over at the end of the day.  
High school-age son took his girlfriend to dinner tonight at Vin Rouge, a French bistro here in town.  He ate steak-frites.  That's my boy!  He gave her perfume, Ralph Lauren's Romance (with mom's help, of course).
I have little surprises for my men tomorrow.  Chocolate, of course!

Bon appétit, Valentines and sweethearts every where!

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