Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mercy me

For the first few days after my spring break trips to France, this is how I feel--

"My head?  Now, just where on earth did I put it THIS time?  It has to be around here somewhere, n'est-ce pas?" 

Someone told me that you need one day of recovery for each hour of time difference.  So, the trip started out as a 6-hour difference and ended as 5 because of the time change in the US but not yet in France.  I have a couple of more days to go before I am back to normal (whatever that is) and can think straight.  We returned on Sunday night and I had to be back in the classroom at 7:45 the next morning. I was doing relatively well until I could not find my keys.  I had to take them with me to France because the Ex-Ex left earlier than I did on departure day to attend a conference in Charlotte.  I was in charge of locking up.  I had not really thought about the keys until the moment I was ready to walk out of the house to go to school.  I finally found them in the bag I had carried on the plane on the way over but not on the way back (I found a much cuter one while shopping in Montpellier).  Sheesh.  The Ex-Ex patiently walked me through tearing through the two unpacked suitcases until I heard the reassuring rattle of my keys.

Now, if only Le Penseur could remember where he left his clothes...  Thank goodness I am not suffering from that problem.

More later about the amazing trip and unbelievably wonderful weather we had while in France.

Bon appétit and many, many thanks to all of the wonderful Frenchies and to my own students who made this a great trip!

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