Monday, September 1, 2014

Classroom skits à la française

La Brune and her Chinese take-out from China Palace, April 2014

l to r:  the Ex-Ex, Moonpie, La Brune, Mlle de Tavel, Arles Lucy, and IronWoman

For the past four years, I've had an exchange program with La Brune, pictured above.  Sadly, it isn't going to happen this school year.  I am pretty sure that I am in mourning.  School is back in session for me, it starts this week for La Brune, and I am signing students up for the spring trip to France. I've been looking through photos from last spring's exchange and came upon some forgotten video footage that I filmed with my iPad.  My 7th graders end the year with a unit about food, bien sûr, and La Brune, Mlle de Tavel and Moonpie put on a skit for them.  I am not sure that the kiddies understood as much of the French as I would have liked, but it is clear that they understood enough to giggle.  You can hear me giggle as La Brune discusses catching frogs in the pond and how she prepares them.  Most foreign language teachers are pretty good actors-- we have to be.  I just spent more than a few minutes extracting the video from my iPad, uploading it to YouTube and trying to remember how to embed video on the blog.  (I hope that some of you out there have missed new posts.  I took the summer off to hang out with family in various places, read, see movies, cook-- my usual ways to goof off, rest and relax.  I'm back, though, with photos and stories to tell.  And recipes to share, of course!  Keep coming back, please, s'il vous plaît!)

Au Resto 

Bon appétit, mes amies françaises!  Merci et à bientôt, j'espère!


MPK said...

Missed the blog! And Mlle de Tavel just makes me giggle!

Vagabonde said...

C’était un peu difficile à entendre la vidéo, mais j’ai eu l’impression que la jeune femme de gauche avait un drôle d’air en pensant avoir mangé une grenouille de l’étang ! J’ai mangé des grenouilles en Floride, mais je n’ai pas demandé d’où elles venaient …