Friday, November 27, 2015

In the pink

Pink is my favorite color.  I wear it as an accessory to my standard black dress.  The bracelet above is an example.  It is a Bravelet, supporting breast cancer research.  According to their website, the sales of their bracelets have raised $1,787,780 to date for various causes.  I have the pink one, an orange one (National Kidney Foundation in memory of my brother), a purple one (Alzheimer's Research Foundation in memory of the BFF's daddy), and a dark blue one (Arthritis National Research foundation in honor of Sister Moo).  One of my 7th grade girlies drew this picture for me last year as part of a thank you note.

I always look for pink.

Pink flowers

Pink food and drinks are good.

And a pink place to eat and drink.

Pink critters, real or not.

How about pink in the ceiling of the Paris Opéra Garnier painted by Marc Chagall?

Pink clothing and accessories, please.

A pink Eiffel Tower, of course.

Guess which one was mine?

Pink for your sweetheart?

In June, a friend gave me this book-

And the pink photos are my favorites.

Ms. Arizona sent me this timer so I won't burn my macarons-

And how about a pink Paris sunset?

My favorite breakfast-on-the-go lately has been a pink protein shake.

1 cup of almond milk
1 scoop of Quest protein powder (22g protein, 1g sugar)
A handful of frozen strawberries
All thrown together in the blender et voilà.  Breakfast is served.

Now, I think I will go listen to Louis Armstrong's rendition of La Vie en Rose.

Bon appétit et bonne journée, mes amis!

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Vagabonde said...

Such a pretty pink post ! I like pink but it is not my favorite color though, it is my daughter’s. I read somewhere that pink is a very relaxing color and makes people mellow. I also read that in some jail, the walls are painted pink so the inmates will not be so violent. I like your pink assortment. I bet you have many pretty pink lipsticks?