Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plans for Paris

Next week I am going to Paris as a guest of ACIS, the student travel company I use for my 8th grade trip. While there, we teachers will be wined and dined and generally treated as VSA, very special adults.  Believe it or not, that doesn't necessarily happen in our profession.  My school is allowing me to stay for two extra days, so I will be there for five nights.

With the ACIS group, I will have this for breakfast at our hotel-

We will take a walking tour of Montmartre (as beautiful as it is, not in the snow this year, I hope)--

We will visit the newly refurbished Rodin Museum so that I can see M. Le Penseur up close and personal.  And not in a plastic box at the airport.  I love M. Rodin's sculptures.

I plan to visit Shakespeare and Company, the famous English bookstore near Notre Dame.

Author Luc Sante will be there with his new book.  Oui, a real author's reading in Paris!   A first for moi.

I hope to see this character, my Favorite Parisien.

And perhaps eat foie gras with him again.

But first, a kir...

Then perhaps a slice of Galette des Rois for dessert.

I am coming to Paris, Pierre.  I would be happy to let you show me how you make macarons.  Just say the word.
I won't take a trip to the top of La Tour Eiffel this time, but I am sure that I will take a photo or two and watch her sparkle.

I love la soupe à l'oignon.  I imagine that I will duck into a café for a bowl somewhere along the way.

A visit to Monoprix?  Mais bien sûr!  Les soldes de janvier are on.  Government mandated sales started January 6 and will continue throughout the month.

I am not much of a shopper unless I am looking at cooking stuff and books.  See the alimentation sign and red arrow?  Food this way.
I want to look for Mme de Rosnay's latest book, Manderley Forever, a biography of Daphne de Maurier.

I will take a few scarves with me, but if a new one, on sale of course, catches my eye...

I always look for a market or two to roam around in or through.  Most are outside, a few are covered.

I plan to check into the possibility of a macaron-making class at La Cuisine Paris for some of the 8th graders in March.  A couple of the girlies asked about it.  I could always use more practice, too.

Lighting a candle in memory of my high school French teacher, Mme Buchanan, is always important to me.

What I look forward to the most is seeing firsthand how Paris is holding up after the horrible events of November 13.   It's like checking up on an old friend after she has had a terrible accident or life-threatening illness.  I want her to know that I am not afraid.  I will be there to support her.

La vie est belle.  Paris, je t'aime.

Bon appétit et bon voyage!

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Artfully Yours said...

Paris, Je t'aime aussi. Bon voyage mon amie!!