Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy St. Teresa Day

Peanuts characters (c) Schultz

Maybe I won't get into too much trouble for using this picture...  I love Peanuts.   Lucy and Snoopy are my favorites.  Lucy because she is so bossy and Snoopy because he is so adorable when he sits in French cafés quaffing root beer during the war.  So, on my saint's day, I will accept a kiss from the always adorable Snoopy.
I did a little googling in honor of St. Teresa.  Seems she is the patron saint of headaches... some would say that is appropriate.  Very pious gal from Spain.  I have no idea why my mom named me Teresa.  I would have sworn she told it was because her mother had a friend named Teresa, but she now denies that.  So there you are.  We are not Catholic anyway.  GBear sent me an email wish for a Bonne Fête from Arles this morning.   Merci, mon ami!
Tonight I am off to a wine class at Wine Authorities in honor of the Picasso exhibit at the Nasher Museum at Duke University.  More research, you know.   The exhibit is called Picasso and the Allure of Language.  Seth and Craig have lured us to this class with the promise of wine education, French cheeses, duck terrine, rillettes, cornichons and more...  That's enough to get me there as soon as the doors open!
So, more about the class and the goodies tomorrow!
No time for a recipe... if you need a no-calorie fix for the day, take a look at today's Paris Breakfasts post from the Salon du Chocolat in Paris...
Trop bon!!  Have a piece of chocolat noir and a glass of something good in my honor this evening.
Bon appétit!

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