Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Contests and free stuff

Here's today's story...
One beautiful, sunny day last fall the 3 Lucys were sitting at a table outside Wine Authorities enjoying a glass of rosé.  (I do not have a picture of that particular day, just the one above with one Lucy MIA-- oops!  Sorry, Mo.)  A man buying a whole entire case of wine came out of the shop and we commented on his t-shirt.  I had seen it before at the Durham Farmers' Market-- Downtown Durham- Find Your Cool. 
It turns out that our new friend, Mr. Kalkhof, is President of Downtown Durham Inc.  He gave us his business card and told us to drop by his office for a FREE t-shirt.  The BFF and I just couldn't pass that up, so one day we headed downtown to get our shirts (I was stalking the OnlyBurger truck at that point in time, so we also had lunch since the truck was parked nearby).  Mr. Kalkhof told us that each month there is a contest.  The person photographed in his or her shirt the farthest away from downtown Durham (and who submits a photo as proof) wins a gift certificate.  The contest is monthly.
I took my Durham t-shirt with me to France in March.  I took it as a gift, though.  I had decided to give it to my penpal Olivier.  He periodically sends me stuff from Provence-- lavender sachets, books, magazines, brochures, etc.  He knows how much I love his little corner of the world and he happily contributes to my addiction.  Olivier and his wife came to Arles to shop at the Saturday market with me.  I decided to ask him to wear his new t-shirt so that we could have our photo taken in front of the Roman arena, my favorite monument in Arles.
When I got home, I sent the photo off through cyberspace to the Downtown Durham website.  It is, by the way, 4284 miles from Durham to Arles.  Or 6894.5 kilometers. Or 3722.7 nautical miles (I do not even know what nautical miles are, truth be told).
Lo and behold, last week I got an email telling me that I am the March winner!  My gift certificate to Toast restaurant just arrived.  I have heard great things about it and can't wait.  I promised Olivier I will send him photos.  I don't think one of their Italian-style sandwiches would mail well.

Bon appétit, beautiful downtown Durham et M. Kalkhof!


MPK said...

I think we should end every day just like the photo :)

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Bonne idée!!