Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visitors today!

If you have read my recent posts or have been anywhere near me for the last few days, then you know I am a bit obsessed with the film I saw last Thursday night at the Full Frame Documentary Festival, Kings of Pastry.  Chefs Jacquy and Sébastien are pictured above (photo from Flickr... thank you, Frazer, for sending me there).  I have always had a thing for men in uniforms...
Anyway, look who showed up for my first period French class this morning--
Oui!  Chefs Sébastien and Jacquy!  I guess they realized that we teachers frown upon students wearing hats to class.  I wouldn't have minded, though.  I wouldn't have sent them to the principal's office.  Really, I wouldn't have.  I might have given them after school detention... to be held in the faculty room where there is a stovetop and oven!
And they came bearing gifts-- beautiful little handmade chocolats.
They haven't even read the article I just submitted to the Durham Herald-Sun so they don't know about what a little gourmande I am.  Aren't they thoughtful?  Truth be told, men should never go around without a stash of chocolates in their pockets.  You just never know when they might come in handy.  (The un-ex occasionally leaves a bonbon in my mailbox here at school...)
Ok, ok, ok.  Sébastien and Jacquy were not actually in my classroom in the flesh, so to speak.  One of my darling 6th grade girls brought in a brochure from The French Pastry School and the box of chocolates.  Her stepdad is a VIP and he did get to go to the opening night soirée held at American Tobacco after the film.  She just plopped those goodies down on my desk first thing.  I am quite sure she knew I would be happy with her gifts, she probably didn't have any idea just how thrilled I would be!

Bon appétit, la petite Marie et merci!

P.S.  One young man in my French 8 class has caught on to the chocolate thing... Yesterday, he brought in a pan of Chocolate Stuff to share with his classmates.  It just so happened that the only other boy in his class was absent, so he ended up serving it to seven very happy young ladies.  And Chocolate Stuff is best eaten with a spoon, making the experience even more enjoyable.  There was not one crumb remaining in that pan, let me tell you.  A nice way to end the day!  Bravo, M. Alejandro Chèvre!  (Can you believe that I actually forgot to take a photo??)
Recipe found on Sept. 13, 2009 post-- http://thesabbaticalchef.blogspot.com/2009/09/queenly-chocolateness.html

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