Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let me eat cake(s)!

Another birthday has come and gone.  What kind of cake did I want?  Strawberry Shortcake?
Or Tiramisu?
Lucky me!  I didn't have to choose.  The Ex-Ex came home yesterday afternoon carrying boxes filled with huge slices of cake made by Nichole Anderson, pastry chef extraordinaire at Nantucket Grill and Bar at Sutton Station here in Durham.   And let me tell you, they are both excellent.  I have eaten some of both.
We went to Q Shack for dinner.  This place is a big hit with the sons.  And with me, too.  The pork barbecue is so tender.   "BBQ tender as a mother's love" is their motto.  And very good hushpuppies and creamed spinach, too.

My gift this year?  A panini sandwich maker--
It looks all nice and shiny, but I have already experimented a little.  I made lunchtime sandwiches today for the boys with it.  (They are working outdoors at my school this summer on the grounds crew and they come home hungry and hot at noon.)  Nothing too daring for their picky palates-- ham and parmesan cheese.  I had a loaf of homemade bread that worked well.  For me, though, I tried pesto and mozzarella with the last two pieces of the bread.
It went very well with the leftover gazpacho in my refrigerator.  Kind of an different spin on tomato soup and cheese sandwiches, n'est-ce pas?
When the Ex-Ex gave me his card, I realized the difference in our eyesight.  We are both 52.  He wears glasses only to read (he is forevermore leaving them in the car when we go out to dinner and I patiently read the menu to him-- at least I try to be patient.  I really do.).  I have bifocals, in the form of both glasses and contact lens.  I see very well up close, but not so well at a distance.  I got my first pair of glasses in 7th grade and contacts in college.  Back to the birthday card.  The front--
I laughed as I read it...
You are awesome.  You smell good.  You're funny.  You like sports.  You're kind to animals.  You're strong.  You're cool to hang out with.  You're a good friend.  You like burgers.  You're having a birthday.  You could be president.  You've got good taste in friends.  You've got ideas.  You're not cheesy.  You rule.  You're a good driver.  You clean up nice.  You're fun to know.  You're a righteous dude.  You are not unattractive.  You can name three state capitals.  You've got a good heart.  You make people happy.  You chew with your mouth closed (most of the time).  
I have never been called a righteous dude before and expressed that thought.  I got a blank stare in return.  Yep, you guessed it.  He bought the card without wearing his glasses.  He had no idea that there was anything written on it except the big black words.
Here's the inside--
Too funny.

Bon appétit et bon anniversaire!!

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