Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fromage from France

I think that I have already stated that in my next life I want to be David Lebovitz.  He is my food hero.  I read his blog faithfully now and have even been brave enough to try a few recipes, all of which have been fantastic.
I ordered his latest book from Amazon, but have resisted the temptation to dive right into it.  (It is hidden away in the drawer of my night table until I finish The Perfectionist...)  I am already certain that I will be as green as the shop on the cover.  Jealousy will do that to you.  It's my favorite shade of green, at least!
David's latest post is all about brie cheese.  If you are a cheese-lover, click on the link and read all about it.  And then subscribe to David's blog.  It is such a treat, with photos that look good enough to eat.

A nice warm, crusty baguette and a room temperature wedge of brie...  ahhhh.  How  many days until my next trip to France??

Bon appétit, le fromage brie!

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