Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Duke!

This has nothing to do with eating-- unless you count popcorn and Coke as food.  My buddy Timmy D. gave the Ex-Ex and me tickets to Game 1 of the Duke University Blue Devils 2010-2011 basketball season.  Game 1 after winning the NCAA Division 1 Championship last winter.  We had planned to go to a movie, even though I am fighting a cold/sore throat, I cannot bear to stay inside when there are things to do and people to see.  And Duke basketball to watch.  No, I do not know any of the players personally-- unless you count the fact that high school-age son guarded Ryan Kelly when he was at Ravenscroft.  But Coach K and I go way back...
Even farther back than this photo.  Really.  He came to Duke the same year I came to Durham Academy.   31 years ago.  Ah oui, mes amis.  Hard to believe, but there are those of us who find a good thing and stick with it.  Durham Academy for me
(Mon dieu bon dieu, go ahead, google something and see what you get... I googled Durham Academy logo and the things that popped up... mug shots, a picture of me as the Sabbatical Chef, photos of students, a photo of Matt Damon - I need to investigate that one!)
And Duke for Coach K
The score of Game 1 was 141-68.
Tomorrow will bring green tomato salsa made from the green tomatoes that are left in the GRO Club garden and grading tests.  But what a beautiful day it was in Durham, NC today.  Fall is the most magnificent season in North Carolina.  It is just what God intended for the world to look like and the weather to be like.  Brilliant oranges, yellows, reds and a Carolina blue sky without a cloud in sight.  Very cool mornings and evenings and just enough sun in the afternoon to make you wish you were wearing one less layer of clothing.

Bon appétit, Duke and North Carolina!

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