Thursday, November 11, 2010

April's Angels

Last night, I was invited to a fundraiser for April's Angels in Raleigh.  It was held at Calm and Sense, a little boutique on Glenwood Avenue that specializes in natural products.  April's Angels is an organization founded in 2004 by a woman who wanted to give back to the community.  She decided to help chronically ill children in central North Carolina by giving them the bedroom of their dreams.  April's Angels relies solely on donations from individuals and corporations.  Last night's fundraiser was a Girlfriends' Game Night.  We purchased raffle tickets for cool prizes (wine baskets, Carolina Hurricane tickets and gear, restaurant gift certificates, jewelry, etc), mingled and made new friends, and ate yummy treats before playing games.  And speaking of raffle and games, look what I won!
A huge basket filled with games and snacks.  (That's our cat, Rusty, checking it out.)
My favorite game was Apples to Apples.  It involves red and green cards with random words on them, one person to throw out the green card and be the judge, and then everyone else throwing in a red card to describe the green card.  And being quick because the last red card thrown out goes back to its owner, sadly eliminated for being so slow.  Ms. R, pictured at the top, in the brown sweater, sitting next to our table captain, Mrs. Dan, kept trying to throw out her red my bedroom card.  Among the categories offered up were comical, dull and deranged.  Hmmm...  My version of the game probably sounds very confusing, but it is quite easy, trust me.  I am not a fan of games that require a lot of thinking.
And eating peanut M&M's, obviously, helped.  I only won one round.  But it was a lot of fun anyway.  And luckily, look what I found in my gift basket!
Some of the games will go to my little grand-nephews for Christmas, but I am keeping this one.
I now plan to check into how I can volunteer for April's Angels.  Check out the website.

Bon appétit, April's Angels and Girlfriends!


MPK said...

You didn't mention the comical bedroom :)

The Sabbatical Chef said...

I couldn't find my quotes. I need to fix that!