Monday, January 24, 2011

Eat it, North Carolina!

I love my state.  I wouldn't live anywhere else -- well, I'd live for part of the year in Provence, if I could.  But North Carolina is the best state and my home.  We have mountains, the beach, parks, trees, waterfalls, flowers, a zoo, farms, great universities, lots of sports... I could go on and on.
On facebook recently I stumbled upon a site called Eat it, North Carolina.  There was a post about Seth Gross' restaurant-in-the-making Bull City Burger and Brewery.  And if they had posted about Seth, I needed to read it.  (I've even been inside BCB&B for a sneak preview!!)  Reading that post led to reading that they are looking for bloggers and that led me to write an email which led to an offer to post for them from here in Durham.  Yipee!  Another venue for me to go on and on about what and where I eat.  Another excuse to try new places and go back to ones I really like.  I can even post recipes if I want.
Not a bad deal, huh?  First post, prix fixe week in Durham.  Three course meals offered in some of my favorite Durham restaurants.  It doesn't get much better than that, mes amis.  Eat up!

Bon appétit, Eat it, North Carolina!

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