Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is how I feel right now.  All sparkly on the inside.  I don't think I am throwing off pulsating lights on the outside.  At least no one has looked at me in an unusually weird way today.  (I teach middle school so there is always a certain amount of strange looks thrown at me on a daily basis.)  But my boys are home!!  I haven't seen them yet since I am still at school.  Son #1 drove to Tennessee and picked up Son #2.  The fact that he drove that long length of I-40 and back is enough reason to celebrate, n'est-ce pas?  For a few days my nest won't be empty.  I can cook to my little heart's delight.  And hum while I am doing it.  Or whistle.  Or sing my sweet country tunes while listening to my iPod.  (It fits just right in the pocket of my Arles apron.) The hormone-free turkey is in the refrigerator. I have pounds of butter and russet potatoes on hand.  Pie crusts will be made tonight.  Yeast and flour are ready for roll-making.  Cranberries are just waiting to be mixed in with orange for a relish that only I will eat.  I have some brie, as well as a lovely round of goat cheese (thanks, BFF!) with herbs and lavender sprinkled on it.  And a new cinnamon bun recipe to try out.  As much as I will miss the in-laws and the out-laws, I am happy to be staying home with the Ex-Ex, the boys, and the cats.

And if I have really and truly have had 2,422 readers today on this blog and it is just not some glitch at blogspot and Google, well, that is certainly worth some sparkles.  A glass of sparkles will be in order to celebrate!  Hmmm... Wine Authorities isn't really out of my way home.  Maybe there is a bottle of Vouvray Le Bouchet 2008 in the refrigerator waiting just for moi...
Bon appétit, cookers, eaters, and readers!

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