Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back in Provence

Not only am I back in France, but now I am back in Provence. And not only am I in Provence, but I am chez Madame P. We left Paris on the TGV, headed south with no stops. We managed to get 23 suitcases off the train (okay, I have two this time), more purses and backpacks than I could count, and 22 people. We left behind an iPhone belonging to one of the boys (brought along against the counsel of his sage French teacher), but at least it wasn't the boy himself, n'est-ce pas? I have already eaten fondue bourguignonne, endive salad (lunch), sarazin crepes stuffed with ham and cheese, salad with Madame P's vinaigrette dressing, cheeses- chèvre and Saint Albray-, 2011 Belle Emilie Vin du Pays du Gard, and a piece of chocolate (dinner). The grocery store here, Intermarche, is giving away a box of chocolates for every 30 euros shoppers spend (forgot the forks, spoons, and coolers, Harris Teeter). After dinner, Madame P's husband built a nice little fire in the fireplace. Pas mal.
The almond trees, les amandiers, are in full bloom at the moment. Unfortunately, the mimosas were killed by the recent very cold weather.

A very belle photo taken by Madame P this afternoon. The smell is heavenly. Maybe I am in heaven?

Bon appetit, Madame P! Je suis trop contente d'être chez toi!

(It drives me nuts to leave off the accents, mes amis, but I don't know where they are on this truc ...)

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