Saturday, July 7, 2012



The chances are really good that I have landed in paradise. We all have our visions of what that place will be, n'est-ce pas? For me it is the south of France, surrounded by singing cicadas, in the evening, surrounded by a group of people who are enjoying each other's company immensely.

I am in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon now and this is the courtyard, le jardin, of the house we are renting. I am sipping my coffee and eating yogurt in between sentences. (I do not need that ashtray, but didn't think to move it! Non, je ne fume pas.). We arrived from Paris on the TGV. We were greeted by the hot Provence sun and Olivier and his son. He led us to our house, thank goodness, since I could have figured out how to get us here on foot but not by the rental car! We settled in and then went to Olivier's for dinner. There were probably 20 of us assembled in his jardin. I already knew most of the guests and some I only knew from email. Sister-in-law sampled her first pastis and Olivier had prepared a feast of salads and savory tarts. Mme P, aka MLQ, was there with a huge bowl of the best mousse au chocolat in the world. After dinner we were serenaded by Connie Fredericks Malone. (Pictures will follow as soon as I download them from my camera.)

But for now, I must say à plus because we are headed to the market in Isle sur la Sorgue. And then to the lavender fields!


Bon appétit to all my friends!


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Girl In An Apron said...

Paradise indeed! Thank you for transporting me. Just lovely!