Monday, November 5, 2012

Some French Guy and Pastis

Look where I found Some French Guy this morning.  Hanging out with my euros in the Ricard glass.  With the Eiffel Tower nearby, bien sûr.  I think that he is seriously hinting at coming along on my next trip.  And I suppose he likes pastis, given that he is hanging out in that glass. So, maybe he is a Provençal Frenchie since that is the drink of choice down south.  Pastis is an anise or licorice flavored alcohol.  It was first commercialized by Paul Ricard in 1932.  According to Wikipedia, 130 million liters of it is sold annually in France.  That comes to about 2 liters per Frenchie.
My sister-in-law enjoyed it for the first time in July--

It was a very hot afternoon, after all, and she had declared that she would try it at all costs before embarking on this adventure.  Luckily, I know a Frenchie who was more than happy to initiate her.

(Being photographed by the paparazzi!)

You can cut the pastis with water or add flavored syrups to it--
Mauresque- orgeat (almond) 
Perroquet- mint 
Tomate- grenadine
Rourou- strawberry
Cornichon- banana
Mazout- cola

After I make the move and settle into my little Provençal village, I will attempt to develop a taste for it.  It will be my duty, I suppose.  Perhaps at this little watering hole in Pujaut--

And yes, Some French Guy, you can go with me!  C'est promis!

Bon appétit, santé, tchin-tchin et à la tienne! 

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