Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunset Beach

In just a few hours, I will return to 31st Street.  My toes will be in the sand once again.  My family will be in one spot, under one roof.  Son #1 is under our roof at this very minute, snoring away.  He drove over last night after work.  Son #2 will only be with us for the weekend, driving down to Sunset from Wilmington, NC later this morning.

He is interning this summer in one of Sen. Richard Burr's offices.
I look forward to a lot of walking on the beach, searching for sand dollars and shells, reading, taking pictures, cooking shrimp and grits (the August edition of Our State magazine has grits on the cover), and sunburning my rather pale self in spite of slathering on a small fortune's worth of sunscreen.  The Ex-Ex and I will celebrate our second 4th anniversary on Wednesday and my birthday follows quickly on the heels of that.  The weather forecast for the week is the typical summer prediction in North Carolina... hot with a chance of thunderstorms.  No hurricanes in sight, thank goodness.

So, time to finish the packing and get out the door.  Oh, and wake up the snoring boy upstairs.

Bon appétit et bonnes vacances!

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