Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Never eat more than you can lift."

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I am quite a fan of Miss Piggy.  So much so that I decided to be the lovely Miss P for Halloween this year.

She is much more beautiful than moi, but I tried to imitate her radiant loveliness.   It also gave moi an excuse to bring Kermit to school with me today!  (A gift from Mme P and Mademoiselle de Tavel)
Halloween in the middle school is an interesting day.  Lots of my kids dress up.  We decorated our door.  

Actually, that's the royal we-- Moi had nothing to do with it except for finding colored paper for them.
One young man carved a jack-o'lantern for us.  I am going to take it home with moi and set it out on the porch.

All of the money we raise from our fun and games at school is donated to unicef.  The United Nations Children's Fund is a cause we really believe in here.  I look at it as children helping children.  
I was the recipient of a couple of Halloween treats.  Oui, cuppy-cakes for moi!

The leaves here are finally changing colors.  I was afraid they were just going to die and drop off the trees.  I found these on the sidewalk on my way to class yesterday from an oak.  A fall gift for moi.

To get back to the star of today's blog and the quote of the day,  I found this great tribute to Miss Piggy at Chris Niles' blog while researching (such tough work, I know). Chris has designated Miss P a "Tart Emeritus."  How does one achieve that status, I wonder?
And what would Miss Piggy eat if she would never eat more than she can lift?
In Miss Piggy's Guide to Life, published in 1981, chapter 9 is devoted to food.  Muppet Wiki gives this synopsis--
Piggy suggests that the best food is ordered in.  She covers airplane food, using "Ma Bell's Cookbook" (the phonebook), and making ordinary food more interesting by using food coloring, pinking shears, and paper porkchop ruffles.
So, what would moi suggest to Piggy for dinner tonight?  Obviously nothing with bacon.  Frogleags?  I don't think so.  Ma Bell (or Verizon Wireless these days) will help moi out.  I think that the Ex-Ex and I will order out from China Palace.   A great Chinese place within walking distance of chez moi.  I think that the divine Miss P would wholeheartedly approve.
I showed the kiddies this clip from The Muppet Show.  I was afraid that some of them were not acquainted with Miss Piggy and Kermit.  Poor Kermie.

Bon appétit, Miss Piggy!  Happy Halloween!

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