Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Sweets

So, it seems that I tortured at least a few readers with the savory post about the best meals of 2013.  On to desserts now.  None of these are made by moi, just as none of the meals posted earlier were my creations.  I love to bake.  It is one of my great pleasures in life, but if told to choose between caramelized onions and chocolate, the onions would win (sorry, sister-in-law).  That being said, I decided to go through my photos and remember the treats of 2013.

Above is a moelleux au caramel I had in Paris at Le Bistrot d'en Face near the Eiffel Tower.  The chef even came out of the kitchen to talk to me about it. That may have had something to do with the moaning noises I made after I cut into it and caramel gushed out...

Simple, yes, and oh so good.  Cherries and chocolate at Arles Lucy's house one afternoon.  No cooking involved.

A café gourmand at Mme P's house.  Ok, so I did make the chocolate macarons.  But Mme P's mousse au chocolat, Mlle de Tavel's crêpes...  quite a lovely dessert idea that is popular in France now.

Angelina macarons.  I love looking at them.  They are just pretty.

Crumble ordered by my Favorite Parisien (he is getting ready to stick his Parisien finger in it...) to finish off the meal of foie gras and lamb.

Fromage blanc aux fruits rouges sprinkled with sesame seeds in Arles with Mme P.  Fromage blanc is hard to describe.  I have never eaten it in the U.S.  Wikipedia has this to say about it--

Pure fromage blanc is virtually fat free, but cream is frequently added to improve the flavour, which also increases the fat content, frequently to as high as eight percent of total weight.
Fromage blanc can be served either as a dessert similar to yogurt, frequently with added fruit, or in savoury dishes.

Mlle de Tavel's moelleux au chocolat with a little caramel melted inside.  (Big sigh)  
A chocolate goodie from Magnolia Bakery in NYC enjoyed in June sitting outside Rockefeller Plaza.  (Thought of you, sister-in-law... really I did.)
More mousse, this time at Fauchon in Paris.  (Hope this doesn't bring back bad memories, Arles Lucy.)

King's Cake in Pujaut at Mme P's.  Oh yes, I am looking forward to this in just a few weeks!

Key Lime Pie made by one of my 8th grade boys at the end of last school year.  He is a pie-maker par excellence and brought this in to thank his teachers.

Ladurée macarons.  Arles Betty's favorites.

Almond King's Cake at Frenchie's house.  Served with cidre.  Ahhhhhh.

And Monuts donuts with the BFF one day.  Seriously good.

That's enough for one night.  
Sweet or savory?  Or who should ever have to choose between the two?

Bon appétit, Sweets of 2013!

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Richard Goodman said...

Sab, you are driving me NUTS with these photos! I can't stand it, they look so good. Geez