Monday, December 9, 2013

Good for the soul

I was sitting at my desk working one day last week and looked out the window to see some 7th grade boys in the grass doing something.  I figured it was a science experiment until they came to get me to take a look.  They were in art class and this was their creation.  I ran back in my room to get my trusty camera so that I could take photos.  I told them I was going to call it my Zen Garden.  They were quite proud of their work.

Lovely, isn't it?
During the course of the week, more Zen Gardens popped up around campus.

Amazing what they did with some stones, leaves and moss.

This one was placed in a tree.

And the last one was placed on the tree dedicated to the memory of my dear friend and colleague Gail Walker.  I explained to the young man who was showing it to me who she was.  I told him that I was sure she would love his art work.  She was an English teacher, but she always had the kids doing art projects, too.  They would periodically have art exhibits in our Board Room.

Art is good for the soul.  It comes in many forms.  Whether in nature or in a museum.
I was lucky enough to visit Paris, Normandy, Provence, New York, and Washington, DC this year.  Some of my 2013 favorites...

A door in Rouen

A statue of Jeanne d'Arc, also in Rouen

A tribute to John Lennon in Central Park

The Statue of Liberty (merci, la France!)

Matisse at the MOMA

and in DC


And Vincent- I visit him whenever I can

Stained glass at St. Pierre de Montmartre, a church I had never thought to go into until last March


At the Vietnam Memorial in DC

Rosa Parks statue in the Capitol

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

An oratory in Arles

A calvaire somewhere near Nîmes

An exhibit of Fashion and Impressionism at the Musée d'Orsay- clothing and the paintings they inspired (no photos allowed in the exhibit)

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud in DC

Street art in Paris near the Centre Pompidou

Venus of Arles

Rodin's Le Baiser at CDG airport

And I will end with my latest chef d'oeuvre... I have attempted Madame La Tour Eiffel once again.  My 8th graders and I painted together yesterday afternoon.  Wine and Design supplied the canvas, paint and instructor.  We brought the fun.

I love that we all took the same basic idea and added our own touches.

Bon appétit to art in all of its forms!

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