Friday, April 18, 2014

Noël in April?

It feels like Christmas in April.  Or maybe the Easter Bunny (or Easter Bells, if you are French Catholic) has already been to visit me.  How lucky am I that my French girls made room in their suitcases for treats that they know I would love?  They pulled out the goodies yesterday after school while we were having tea.  Oh!  I was drinking my tea in this new cup--

Lavender fields.  Ahhhhhh

These girlies know me well, n'est-ce pas?

Cocktail napkins, Nestle chocolate to make my mousse au chocolat (with La Brune's recipe, of course) and le fondant au chocolat or moelleux au chocolat (Mlle de Tavel says she has found the perfect recipe and we plan to make it this week), a magazine from the airport about the redone Paris zoo in Vincennes (on next time's to-do list), little molds and dishes for small desserts for a café gourmand, as well as little glasses for the espresso (no, they are not shot glasses!), a bottle of red (I will share that with the Ex-Ex), a novel by Bernard Degioanni

with a note to me--

crème from Carrefour supermarket (to make the fettuccine and mushroom dish form the last blog), a bottle of my favorite Tavel rosé in a bag to keep it cool (from the Princess of Tavel aka Mlle de Tavel whose grandfather actually started the AOC for Tavel rosé, the best rosé in the world- I will save that story for later), an illustrated book about France that is adorable

and a magazine for kids, Mon Quotidien, that is full of wonderful pictures and is all about the most beautiful sites in France, les plus beaux sites de France.

Just how lucky am I?  Très.

Bon appétit and here's to Christmas in Avril!!  Merci beaucoup, mes amies!  Vous me gâtez!  What a spoiled girl I am!

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