Saturday, October 15, 2016

Come on over!

I've updated my look.  My personal look above (school photo 2016) and my blog's look.  Same rambling thoughts, same stash of recipes, same daydreams about France, details from past trips and plans for future trips.  Give it a try!  I'd even love to hear your opinion about which platform you prefer.

The Sabbatical Chef

Bon appétit!  Keep cooking, eating, and daydreaming!

P.S.  I love my gray hair!  The Going Gray Gracefully Program went well and although at first every time I looked in the mirror I wondered who that old lady was, I am now so incredibly glad I took the leap.  Luckily (for him), the Ex-Ex (well, he actually named it the GGGP) embraces the new look as well.  Unlike some man whose wife wrote in Going Grey Gracefully, a FB group I belong to.  The gist of the comment is that she has decided to go gray and he is embarrassed to take her to his office parties and to be seen out in public with her.  I can answer that in one word JERK! And just to be clear, the Ex-Ex coined the name of my "Program" before I found the FB group.  I have to offer that disclaimer before he calls me on it!

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