Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gifts 2

Today, Jim,  one of my former students (known as Jimmy when he was a student in my very first 7th grade homeroom in 1980-81) sent me a little gift-- two jars of his very own barbecue sauce.  I didn't even know he was making it!  His daughter comes to the after school study hall I supervise every day.  His wife made the delivery.   Quelle bonne service, n'est-ce pas?
For those of you who do not live in Durham, North Carolina, I will explain the name.  Durham is known as The Bull City because we were home to the Bull Durham Tobacco Factory.  Yep, we had a thriving tobacco industry going on here in the not so distant past.  When I first moved here in 1980, on a day when the wind was blowing just right I could smell tobacco being turned into cigarettes by just stepping outside my classroom.  The tobacco and cigarette industries are gone now, but the nickname, The Bull City, has stuck with us.  Our AAA baseball team is the Durham Bulls.  Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon made us famous in the movie Bull Durham.  We were single A then, owned by the Atlanta Braves.  We are now owned by the Tampa Bay  Marlins Rays (merci mille fois to Betty who caught my goof-up here-- where is my un-ex sports expert editor when I need him??).  There is talk of a sequel... I will be on the set for that one, if there is any way possible.  I will not allow Kevin to come to town a second time without meeting me.  (I missed it the first go-around... I was pregnant in 1987.  The film was released in 1988.)
But I digress here.  Back to the BBQ sauce.  I plan to try it out on my eaters tonight and see what they think.  Here's the website: WWW.BULLCITYBBQ.COM

To read about my eaters, check out today's Durham Herald-Sun article at:
I'll let you know how the taste test goes!

Bon appétit, Bull City!

Note:  We tried the sauce with poulet rôti, (Harris Teeter roasted chicken) and it was really good!  Go, Jimmy!  Bravo!  When the weather warms up a bit, I plan to try something on the grill and use it.


Betty R said...

Bon jour, Madame E! A tiny correction -- the Durham Bulls are part of the Tampa Bay RAYS. (The Marlins are from a little town down south known as Miami.)

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Thank you so much, Betty! What a doofus I can be sometimes. I will correct that immédiatement!