Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Le shopping

Oui,  Pinky and I are always ready to go back to Paris.  If I were in Paris right now, though, I would not be shopping.  (Well, maybe for les petits cadeaux de Noël-- Christmas gifts.)  I do not like to shop.  At least not in the way that most people do or should I say not in the way that we women have a reputation for doing.  I do like looking.  As Carol of Paris Breakfasts fame posted today, the French saying is faire du lèche-vitrine- window-shopping or licking the windows.  The French do up their windows right.  They are works of art.
(See, I only have photos of food shops...)

Once in a while, I ask myself if I think I would enjoy shopping if I had an unlimited budget, could just breeze into a store, pick up what I want/need, pay for it and then breeze right out.  Good question. 
I am not really into fashion.  I tend to wear the same type of clothes-- for school, a black skirt or pants, a white shirt of some sort and a sweater, preferably pink.  I love jeans.  Since the stretch material became popular, I am really happy.  And comfortable, I might add.  I love scarves, though.  That's about as trendy as I get.  Boring?  Peut-être.
But I do not spend much money on my clothes.  I can't remember the last time I paid full, non-sale price for some piece of clothing for myself.  In Arles, I discovered that on Wednesday mornings there was a section of the market devoted to secondhand clothing and I was in heaven.  I found several sweaters there to keep me warm when the weather turned chilly in October.  One in cashmere even.  For 2 euros each- about $3 at the current exchange rate.  So, I confess right here that I am a thrift store shopper.
My last adventure out and about to see what I could find delivered two treasures.  My new favorite  sweater, pale pink, of course, never-been-worn-before-because-it-still-has-the-tags-on-it Talbot's-- here's a sleeve.
I just love it.  All cotton, too, and quite warm today.
And my other treasure--

A beautifully framed drawing of the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris.  It is named the Brand New Bridge although it is the oldest standing bridge crossing the Seine.  It was brand new in 1607,  inaugurated by King Henri IV (1553-1610).  It links the Right Bank to the Left Bank, but even more importantly, it spans the Ile de la Cité, the medieval heart of Paris.  There is a lovely statue of Henri on the bridge, too.   It was commissioned by his widow, Marie de Médecis in 1614, destroyed in 1792 during the French Revolution and rebuilt in 1818.  This chef d'oeuvre of it now hangs on my wall.  A very big merci to whomever donated it to Goodwill so that it could find its way to me, lover of all things French and Parisian.
I look forward to my trip up to Spruce Pine to see my family at Christmas and to hunting for bargains with my little sister.  She loves thrift shopping, too.

Looking at the cheese shop window made me think of an egg dish from Ben and Noah of Fickle Creek Farm.  So, here you are!  A quick dinner... add a warm baguette, some bacon or sausage, a nice glass of - well, I am not sure what would be totally proper with this-- I usually have a bottle of young red Côtes du Rhône on hand, so that is my go-to wine.  Some help here?

The BEST Quick Eggs

6 eggs
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 oz arugula
4 oz feta cheese

Sauté arugula (yes, use leaf stems) in oil.  Crack eggs into arugula and soft scramble.  Place into serving dish.  Crumble cheese on top.
Makes 2-3 servings.

Bon appétit, les pulls roses!

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