Sunday, August 29, 2010

America's Favorite Food Truck Giveaway

America's Favorite Food Truck Giveaway

OnlyBurger is in the running! If you read my blogs or newspaper stories then you know how much I love Brian and his truck. I've even stalked them!

Vote! Once a day from August 29-September 10. They could win, you could win!  Click on the pink food truck giveaway link above and it will take you right to the food network website.

**I just voted.  Seems you get 10 votes a day and 10 chances to win a trip to NYC.  OnlyBurger is 4th in the voting at the moment (Sunday morning, Aug. 29)

Bon appétit, OnlyBurger!

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MPK said...

They are now 3rd - 7:56 pm 8/29/10