Friday, August 13, 2010

How does your garden GRO?

Last fall, I worked with the 7th grade science teacher at school to create a garden in a space where there wasn't much at all.  We had a couple of work days, prayed for rain, hoped for the best, had great kids and adult helpers and it happened.  I look at it and am amazed.  I just wish I could see it from my classroom window...
I stood in the garden a couple of days ago and this butterfly just flitted all around me, not paying me the least bit of attention.  I was prowling around to see if there were any figs or squash waiting to be snagged and taken home to be eaten.  Well, the figs wouldn't have lasted that long.  But no fruit or vegetables were to be found, only the flowers and my new friend, le papillon, the butterfly.
Hmmm... think I'll go check on the fig tree right now before heading home.  Shhhh, don't tell BK.

Bon appétit, M. Papillon et Mme K!

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