Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eating lunch part deux

(Goat cheese, local honey and cracked pepper crostini from Toast)
In case you missed my last article for the Durham Herald-Sun, I wrote about my summer project of going out to eat lunch.  Summer vacation isn't over so the research hasn't ended yet.  Last week, the Ex-Ex and I went to The Fish Shack, a new restaurant, right next door to The Q Shack, with the same owner.  I had a really hard time making up my mind what to order from the large chalk board menu.  You order at the counter here, same as The Q Shack.  I finally decided on a catfish sandwich.  I added housemade tartar sauce and the tomato from the Ex-Ex's sandwich that he discarded (he still isn't a big fan of tomatoes...).
Coleslaw was served on the side.
I chose collard greens for my side order.
The Ex-Ex chose the catfish po' boy sandwich with red beans and rice.
I will definitely return.  I want to try the crawfish, chicken and sausage gumbo.
My latest lunch was at Saladelia Cafe.  I have been here many times, usually with the BFF, and they've catered many faculty lunches at school.  I almost always choose the same thing... I am such a creature of habit.  But when you find something you like, why mess around?  I love the sampler plate, with three choices of salads.

Today's choices:  hummus with warm pita bread,  chicken couscous and Mediterranean eggplant.  All vraiment délicieux!  I also love their tabouli and black bean salads.  The BFF loves their Heathbar cookies, but we didn't save room for dessert today.  The dessert case contains edible works of art.  The owners also own Mad Hatter Bakeshop and Cafe.
We are so lucky here in Durham, North Carolina!  So many choices, so little time left to eat lunch out before school starts back...

Bon appétit, Durham!

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