Friday, September 24, 2010

En Provence

I love iTunes!  This afternoon, I was able to sit here at my computer in Durham, NC and download the new CD by Moussu T e Lei Jovents.  It came out yesterday and I won't be going to France until March.  That is just too long to wait for their new music, à mon avis.  I have all their CDs--
I even have a DVD with all kinds of stuff, including video clips.  I used it in my French 8 class today.  We have been studying professions and adjectives so I gave them the lyrics to Forever Polida, we translated them and then I showed them the clip
So now I can have a nice chilled glass of rosé (it is 95F here again today!), listen to les mecs sing and dream of my little cabanon in the middle of a lavender field in Provence.
Which one should I choose?
This one is lovely, but a roof is a necessity, in my humble opinion, and I am not much of a handywoman.
Pretty?  Yes, but my sons are too tall to fit inside this one, I fear.
I like this one a lot, but it seems kind of lonely and a shade tree would be nice in the middle of the summer when the Provençal sun beats down.
Cute blue door, n'est-ce pas? I could live here.
But this one wins.  A shade tree.  A little window.  You can't see it, but I am sure there is a little patio to the side where I could sit and sip my café au lait in the mornings and my rosé in the evenings as I listen to Moussu T.  I could harvest the lavender and sell it at the market.  I could make sachets and wreaths.  I could bake lavender scones and make lavender truffles.  Lavender lemonade and lavender-lemon cookies would be a nice treat on hot afternoons.
Perhaps I should start buying lottery tickets?

(Cabanon photos courtesy of:  photo E. Tailleux Ascendant Sud)

Bon appétit, la Provence!  

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MPK said...

I'd like the one with the Carolina blue door - we'll be neighbors! "May I borrow a little of your lavender honey?"