Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another ending

Year 31 ends tomorrow.  I try not to be sad.  The end means the beginning of summer vacation.  And I do love summer vacation.  I've always had summer vacation--since I started school at the age of 5 or 6 anyway.  But I get attached to the little darlings.  And then I send them off to big old high school.  Teaching middle school is fun.  It really is.  There is rarely a dull moment.  And this had been a very good year.  My 8th grade class, pictured above on DA Fashion Day in French class, has been magnifique.  Fourteen of them went to France with me.  We've written penpal letters, hosted Frenchies, conjugated verbs, taken vocabulary quizzes, watched movies, practiced restaurant skits, taken the National French Contest exam (eight of them placed in the top ten in the US on the level 2 test this year), shared crêpes, pains au chocolat, Orangina, and macarons.  I taught them for two years.  I hope I taught them more than just French.  I hope they are ready for high school.  But I will stop worrying about them.  They still have summer vacation to get through!
I would like to say a big thank you to the graduating seniors.  The Class of 2011.  High school-age son's class.  (I will have to stop calling him that in two days...)  They dedicated the yearbook to the Ex-Ex and me.  It was a complete and total surprise.  61 years of teaching between the two of us.  The faculty yearbook sponsor (and good friend) told us we could come to Senior Send-Off and watch the slide show up in the balcony.  Since I taught quite a few of them and know most of them, I wanted to see it.  I didn't catch on to the dedication until this photo showed up on screen...
July 1982, First Baptist Church, Spruce Pine, NC

(High school-age son's girlfriend and college-grad son gathered photos back in the fall for the tribute.)

College graduate son and his girlfriend were in the audience unbeknownst to us. 
A very special moment for my family--
Afterwards, the BFF surprised us with a little get-together at Carolina Ale House to celebrate.  She's a keeper.  And a good secret-keeper.  She was in on it, too.
Her baby is graduating, too.
Aren't they cute?  They just can't stay babies for very long.
They grow up fast.

Bon appétit, Class of 2011!

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