Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here's how 7th grade boys show they love you.  They bring you a great big cup of chocolate frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti.  And just so they can be sure they get a topping that you like, they add blackberries, strawberries, cherries AND cut up pieces of Snickers bars.  (There might have been little pieces of pineapple in there, too...) Yes, sometimes they are smelly and messy and they have to be nagged a lot, but you just have to love boys this age.  Most days, anyway.
They are also incredibly sweet. This young man brings me macaron cookies from A Southern Season. They cost an arm and leg there, but, luckily, he still has all of his limbs.

This one read Dr. Seuss to four year olds today at a headstart school.

And all of them ran around the playground chasing the little ones, pushing them on the swings, sliding down the blue slide with them, and generally acting like kids.  They left their cell phones and iPods behind for a couple of hours and had fun the old-fashioned way.
Don't fret, girlies, I love you, too.  You'll get your turn.  I promise.

Bon appétit et merci, les garçons!

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