Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Feast at the Beach

Here is my latest treasure.  I found it on Kristin Espinasse's French Word-A-Day website.  (Today's word is cheveux blancs because her 16 year old son has some-- gray hair, that is.  My 23 year old does, too.  Moms and sons... but I digress.)
This is the book to read if you want to be instantly transported to Provence.  A tale that gently takes you by the hand as you explore friendship, love, the joys of the French kitchen, and the beauty of life in Provence.  I am reading it very slowly, too, because it has a mere 141 pages.  M. Widmaier writes about the time he spent with his grandparents in St. Tropez.  And he includes recipes.  Last night, I read Chapter II The War Hero.  I won't give any of it away, though.  I will only say that at the end of this chapter are what he calls A Few Provençal Libations.  You know these have to be good.  A drink called Monaco, pale beer and grenadine syrup, another called Panaché, half pale beer and half limonade, French sparkling lemon soda or lemonade (this is good-- I've tried it), and, last but not least, Mauresque.  This one I've heard Provençal Frenchies speak fondly of-- it supposedly is divine for sipping on hot afternoons in Provence.  Preferably at a café while people watching.  This time I am not digressing, I am daydreaming... of hot Provence afternoons and cafés...

Hmmm... wonder where I can pick up a bottle of pastis in Durham?


1 large chilled glass
1 jug of chilled water
Plenty of ice
1 oz. Ricard (or your favorite pastis)
1 oz. orgeat syrup (a sweet syrup made from almonds)

Pour the pastis and orgeat into glass.  Fill with large ice cubes.  Add water.  Stir gently.  Sip slowly, feigning great languor, smiling as if you own the world, and sporting a fine pair of sunglasses.

Bon appétit et à votre santé, William Widmaier!


Anonymous said...

Love that Mauresque drink!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

If I could find some pastis here in Durham, I would give it a try!!