Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La maman des poissons

Blogging is what I know.  I love this blog.  I love the student who helped me set it up in 2008 before I embarked on my grand adventure of living and working in France.  So, when I attended a session at a recent foreign language teachers' conference here in North Carolina about blogging the wheels started turning.  The session was led by two French professors at Duke.  I recognized the name of one because she wrote a book I love, Blame It On Paris.  I sent an email to our Computer Whisperer here at school and told him I want to start a class blog.  We've met and planned.  I am still excited about it.  The enthusiasm hasn't waned.  I opened up the naming of the blog to the 7th graders.  (I chose them because I will teach them again next year and we can track our progress.)  A brainstorming session ensued in one class and French Fish was thrown out.  Well, the more I thought about it the more I liked it.  Then an art contest came about.  Above is one of the entries.  We need a mascot, after all, don't we?  Here are a few more--

Berets and baguettes appear to be de rigeur for our little fishes, nos petits poissons.
Anyway, all the talk of fish, made me think about a song that I heard while living in France.  Chef Érick loves Boby Lapointe and his funny songs.  We even drove to his hometown, Pézenas, in southern France.  Boby was a brilliant man who knew how to use words and his songs are very funny.  Here is La maman des poissons (the fish mommy)--  Could this be me now???

Bon appétit, la maman des poissons!

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