Saturday, October 1, 2011

October has arrived!

What is there not to love about October?  Cooler weather, blue skies, leaves changing colors, making stews, soups, and bread, drinking red wine, hot chocolate, and lait chaud.  Taking one of these

and making this.
But that's not what I am making today.  College-age son is home so I am making Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast and mashed potatoes.  My boy need home-cooking. Oh, and nutella cupcakes.  But I can't give the recipes and photos until I actually make them and that means I have to head out to the grocery store in just a few minutes and then start the process of making my house smell heavenly.  The roast has to stay in the oven for 3-4 hours.
Today's big news is that I've found a new Frenchie cooking blog and possible new virtual pen pal.  My 8th graders have subscriptions to Yabla, a French video series.  For next week's assignment, I found Annette making crêpes on a French TV station.  I then went to her blog, left a gushing note (well, as much as I can gush in French... not quite the same, I am sad to admit), and now can find more food stuff en français.  I am happy!!  Her blog is La Dinette d'Annette and I have officially subscribed to it.
So, off to Harris Teeter for supplies and an afternoon of cooking.  With the windows open and the sun streaming in.

Bon appétit, Octobre!

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