Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas gifts 2011

It's truly beautiful, isn't it?  Un très beau sapin, n'est-ce pas?  We get ours each year from TROSA.  God bless you, TROSA, for the work you do to get people's lives back on track.  The guys at the tree lot are the best!  We asked for tall and skinny and one fellow found the perfect tree.
One more day until winter break.  My exams have been given and are waiting for me to grade them (I hope they don't get too impatient...).  Thanks to one of my students, they are sitting in a very chic bag. 

(A list of yummy café drinks!)
Et l'Arc de Triomphe et la Tour Eiffel, bien sûr.
Le petit déjeuner, mes amis?
Too cute.
The manufacturer, in case you are curieux.
I came into my classroom this morning to find this note on the board:
Isn't that great?
I promise to try it, Lily, and report back!  I take my tasting duties very seriously.  That also goes for the banana chocolate chip bread, the pumpkin bread, the fudge, the Godiva chocolates, the coffee, and the peppermint bark. 

Bon appétit et merci, mes chers élèves!

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Very cute bag! One of the perks of being a teacher at Christmas time is getting lots of presents. And I am sure you are their favorite so even more goodies to you!