Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas et Joyeux Noël 2011

Just pictures today...
I don't really decorate a lot for the holidays, but I have some things I've collected over the years.
And I suppose that when the Sons are on their own, with Christmas trees of their very own, I will give up a few of the ornaments that we've collected for them.
Our first married Christmas, we had no ornaments.  I cross-stitched some.
I also painted some little wooden ones and some with Peanuts characters on them. Those aren't used anymore. But here are some of my favorites...

This one was given to me my first year teaching.  Bell is my maiden name.
A few Santas are a must.
A windmill in honor of the Ex-Ex's Nebraska cattle ranching roots. 
We've had these since our second Christmas.    
And Santa or Père Noël climbing La Tour Eiffel.

Bon appétit et Joyeux Noël à tous et à toutes!

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I love looking at all of our old ornaments and remembering when and how we got them. Merry Christmas and thanks for understanding...I'll look forward to the Spring to meet somewhere for lunch!