Friday, February 24, 2012

Practice is important

Okay, this time before heading across the Atlantic, I am practicing!! Go me! When in France last month ( yes, I love saying that... Makes me sound like some hip and happening jet setter which I obviously am not or I wouldn't say hip and happening, would I?), I tried to post but could not figure out how to insert a photo. And I think my blog would be very boring without photos. So, google to the rescue, as always. I googled how to insert a photo into a blog post on an iPad and found answers and a solution. In the form of a $2.99 app called BlogPress. Therefore, you can see the above photos of my French hair straightener ( which I do not not use because my hair is too straight any way, but the girlies and Arles Lucy need it, so they say. I wish I had curls... The grass is always greener, isn't it?) and my electrical do- dads. Now, I have to figure out to make this darling iPad stop auto-correcting my French...

Bon appetit, BlogPress and Google!!
Where are the accents?? Au secours!!

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Jennifer said...

I had to buy one of these babies for myself. US ones won't even work with an adapter. If you travel to Europe often, it is a good investment...and like you, I allow the girls to borrow it! I got mine at - where did you get yours?