Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stressed? Moi?

Oui, it is that time of year when I don't have much fun.  I grade papers, procrastinate profusely, and whine.  So, I have these little helpers on my desk.  Note the theme.  All lavender products.  They de-stress me.  Therefore, I squeeze the sachet, sniff the soap, soothe my temples with the oil, and slather my hands with the cream. 
If I had lavender ice cream or truffles, I would scarf them down, I am sure.  Luckily, I have none.  Especially since I am trying to take off a few kilos before the summer trip to France.  I plan to swish my skirts and sashay down the streets of Paris and Provence and will feel better if I am a bit lighter on my feet.  Arizona Tammy and I made a bet.  Go figure.  She is one of the 7 of girls heading to France in early July with me.  Whoever loses the most will get a box of Pierre Hermé macarons. 
Arles Lucy

bought a box for me back in March.  There is a little boutique inside Galeries Lafayette...
Cute, n'est-ce pas?
I saved a pink one to eat on the TGV as were zipping down to Avignon.
One of the 8th grade girlies has been officially brainwashed by her French teacher.  For the writing section of their final exam, my 8th graders have to write a thank you letter (it can be done in advance).  Oui, en français.  At least 25 sentences, using the présent, passé composé, et imparfait, the verb tenses they have learned so far.  This particular girlie went to France with me in March and bought herself a couple of M. Herme's little delicacies while other girls were shopping for girlie stuff.  I believe it was love at first bite.  So, she has written a lovely thank you letter to him.  It's a wonderful letter.  And she did what any good stalker would do, she googled him and gave me the details of his life.  He has very impressive credentials- apprenticing to Lenôtre, pastry cheffing at Fauchon and at Ladurée before opening his own shop.  I will visit the Rue Bonaparte shop in July.  He evidently lives near Parc Monceau in the 17e.  Maybe I shouldn't tell Arizona Tammy that?
Okay, I feel better.
Back to work.  It's kind of hard to type while holding a lavender sachet hostage in one's right hand.

Bon appétit, Pierre Hermé and lavender!

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