Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chill out, world!

a fall lavender bloom in my "garden"

It is a beautiful day here in my world.  Bright blue cloudless skies, 65˚F- my ideal weather conditions.  I did escape for a little while today, to go to school and copy a test for my 7th graders for tomorrow morning (I do not trust copy machines on Monday mornings, do you?) and to go up to our high school to check out the construction going on.  The Ex-Ex will have a fabulous gym and a new office-- finally-- in just a few weeks.  I think he is excited.  Although it's hard to tell because he had to go in and work for a few hours today, too.

Note the huge window.  He will get all new furniture and everything.  Too cool.
But the fact that I have to spend my favorite day of the week planning lessons and grading papers makes me kind of grouchy on a day like today.  Today's horoscope offered a bit of advice--

Leo- Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012
"The Lion"  July 23-Aug 22

You may be under a great deal of stress, dear Leo.  It seems as though you simply can't please everyone.  Your partner and your career may hold the most sway with you now, so try to reach a compromise between them.  If that doesn't work, just tell the world to chill out.

I need a daydream.  Here is what my de-stress imaginary picnic looks like.   Elodie Farms fresh chèvre, a Loaf baguette, one of my Nutella brownies, and a glass of Côtes du Rhône from Wine Authorities.  Want to join me?

Bon appétit, daydreams!

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