Monday, October 29, 2012

Simply charming

Today's treat comes in the form of this charm bracelet.  A pink bow- who doesn't love pink?  A clock-- Quelle heure est-il? Time to go to Paris!  A pretty little pearl- this bracelet is a pearl.  A camera- un appareil-photo- for taking photos of Paris.  More pink- this time in the form of a rose rose.  L'Arc de Triomphe- standing proud and beckoning for me to climb on up for the vues magnifiques sur Paris.  Another little white pearl- une perle blanche.  La Tour Eiffel- no charm bracelet would be complete without La Grande Dame, would it?  Another rose rose- one cannot have too many flowers.  Another clock reminding me that Paris is waiting for me- Il est 14h45, madame, où êtes-vous?  Je vous attends...
Another lovely little white pearl.  A postcard from Paris- une carte postale de Paris- I promise to send you one in January.  A sparkly diamant- we girls love things that sparkle!  And a last little pearl.  Paris, this bracelet, and the girlie who gave it to me first thing thing this morning are pearls.

Bon appétit, lundi!

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