Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paris, Pierre Hermé and Macarons

Oui, Some French Guy and I have our countdown going already.  I've promised him that he can go with me.  He is anxious to get back to his homeland and find a new baguette.  He's been carrying that one around for quite some time.  (I am trying to convince the 8th graders to start their countdown, too, but they just aren't into it yet... Go figure.)
Carol at Paris Breakfasts is off to Paris much sooner than moi.  She has a new suitcase and a new camera for her next adventure.  She listed her must-haves for trips and then asked for reader input.  I always take too much.  And when I go in January, I will be taking gifts from my students to their pen pals since I will be visiting our exchange school.  Mais oui, mes amis, I will be working.  But since I am going to be in FRANCE and I am a FRENCH teacher the whole trip is work, wouldn't you agree?  N'est-ce pas?  Bien sûr.  
I will report back to my students about the new exhibit at the Musée d'Orsay about Impressionism and Fashion.  I must try a couple of new macaron shops and make my first trip to one of Pierre Hermé's real shops, not just the little section in Galeries Lafayette.  (SFG will probably like one, too.)

After all, M. Hermé did recently send me an autographed picture of himself.

I will definitely let him know that I am coming for a visit.
I have 91 days to make plans!  A lot of daydreaming will go into the planning, that's for sure.
And I will get around to making one of his macaron recipes soon... maybe.  He has a recipe book in English now.  A little pricey but probably worth it just for the delicious pictures.

I will, of course, take some more photos of my own in January.  C'est promis!
One of my girlies at school decided to make macarons for her class recently.  What a sweetheart.  They were quite happy.

She used a recipe from one of my books.

On of the creative girlies in the class drew a picture of the macarons for me.

Another one of the girlies has borrowed the book now.  Maybe we will get treats again soon.  I hope so!

Bon appétit, SFG, M. Hermé and girlies who like to cook!


Parisbreakfasts said...

THANKS for the link!
Oh do tell your Paris map app!!
91 days!

Parisbreakfasts said...

woo woo
I LOVE my new Paris by Metro app