Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bonne Année 2013

I didn't stay up late enough to watch the ball drop in New York City, but I did hear someone in my neighborhood lighting firecrackers.  I received a couple of midnight text messages to let me know that 2012 had ended and 2013 had begun.
I hope that the New Year brings happiness and peace.  I hope that my family and friends stay healthy.  I hope that our elected officials decide to work together, regardless of party affiliation, for the good of the American people.  I hope that there are no more senseless murders of innocent people, young or old.  I hope that our president stays safe during his second term and is able to accomplish what he has set out to do.  I hope that the world laughs more and cries less.  I hope that we take the time each day to do something nice for someone else without recognition or reward.  I hope that no children go to bed hungry or afraid.  I promise myself that I will get in better shape, eat healthier, work on my book, and be a better mom, wife, daughter, teacher, and friend.  I will take more deep breaths and have more patience.  I look forward to a new beginning.

Bon appétit and Bonne Année 2013!


Lynne Macko said...

"I hope..." reads like a beautiful prayer! Thank you and keep up the great blogging!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Bisous, Lynne! Et Bonne Année!
I am headed back to Paris in a couple of weeks with ACIS. Wish you were going to be my roommate again!

Jennifer said...

Bonne Année ! When will you be in Paris? I will be in town January 18-20!