Thursday, January 17, 2013

Packed and ready to go

Like good little soldiers, they are standing at attention and awaiting my command.  The Ex-Ex should be here in just a few minutes to whisk me away to the airport.  Yes, I am taking two suitcases for a nine day stay.  I have a very good reason, too.  In addition to three glorious (but cold) days in Paris, I am heading down south to visit Mme P, her family, and her classes.  I will, I hope, see other Frenchie friends while I am there.  Mme P and I have twinned our classes (her 8th and my 7th) and they are pen pals.  The larger suitcase is packed full of letters and little gifts from my students to hers, as well as things from the students who are traveling with me in March for their hosts.  I feel like Mme Claus with her bag full of goodies on Christmas Eve.   I will drag these suitcases to the Gare de Lyon on Monday to catch the TGV for Nîmes and then head over to Villeneuve-lez-Avignon to meet up with Mme P when she gets out of class for the day.  I will be there until early Saturday morning when I will haul the suitcases to the Avignon TGV station for the train ride to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport for my return flight.  I hope those Samsonite suitcases are well-rested and ready for what's ahead.  I am!!
I have the iPad tucked away in my purse and hope to blog from the road.  On verra.

Bon appétit et bon voyage, Sabbatical Chef!

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