Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15

April 15 is not one of my favorite days.  I dread figuring up my taxes.  Therefore, I put it off as long as I possibly can.  This year, that meant Saturday, April 13.  I did the Ex-Ex's, Son #1's, and Son #2's back in February.  They've already received and spent their refunds.  Moi?  No refund for moi.  I wrote out a check to the IRS/Department of the Treasury.  I wish that I could say I owed money because I won the lottery or I received a book advance from a publisher.  No such luck.  I just didn't pay enough in 2012.  Go figure. The check is indeed in the mail as of 3:30 pm.
I checked my horoscope(s) this morning, hoping that somehow a message would be sent that today I would find money.  Here's what I got from one--

You've had a tough old time of lately, haven't you? Authority figures do
seem to have been irascible lately and somehow you've copped a lot of the
negative attention. Well that's the price for being shining Leo, you can't
escape notice, positive or negative. Things ease up considerably as Venus
hits her straps and you can forge a few easy going relationships with some
of those authority figures. If there is any romantic attraction toward one
of those people, forget it if it's just the status that attracts.

And here's the other--

The tag lines of the emails filling up my box today are interesting.  Here are a few of them--

  • 15 hours only!  Take 15% off for Tax Day.
  • Taxes are done, time for fun!
  • 1-Hour Psychic Reading
  • Tie Yourself Up in a String
  • Tax Time Means It's Wine Time, Too!
  • Get the VIP Treatment
  • Vitamin World 10% Tax Relief
  • And We're Money!
  • Put these on. Find a beach. Begin Summering.
  • Only 1 day left to claim your 10 dollars
  • Looking for some tax relief?
  • Whoops!  Here's your tax relief.
I think I will go cook something.  Fanny's Mousse au chocolat would be a good place to start.  She is here with me right now...

Bon appétit and God bless the victims in Boston.  
(I heard the news as I finished up this blog post.)

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