Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Caffeine, Andrea Bocelli, and Krispy Kreme

I ran out to the post office during my free period (shhhh) and grabbed a cup of coffee (café au lait, to be exact) from Bull Street Gourmet & Market which is right next door to la poste.  I am too proud of myself for mailing a box to Mama Mildred way before Mother's Day.  Go me.  I just hope she doesn't faint.
Anyway, when I returned to my desk to check emails, I saw my daily horoscope--


The emotional Moon meets transformative Pluto in your sixth house of health
and service, placing increased pressure on you to be responsible and
dependable. People at a distance may not be reliable, so if you're waiting
for someone else to come through for you, you need to investigate further.
Take care of yourself by avoiding caffeine, alcohol and anything that
disturbs your delicate nervous system.

Oops.  Too late.  The coffee is almost gone.  But I do not think that my nervous system is very delicate anyway.  

I am listening to Andrea Bocelli's CD Passione.  He is a new discovery for me.  I saw him on Dancing With The Stars recently.  (Yes, we watch this in our house... emphasis on we here-- the Ex-Ex is a big fan-- the secret is out.  Sorry.)  Absolutely lovely music.  I don't understand much of it.  Except for his rendition of Elvis' Love Me Tender.  Doesn't matter, though.  Music is like that. 

Well, sometimes it actually does matter if you understand the words.  I found that out recently.  The French kids brought me a DVD of photos from our visit with them in March.  It is fabulous.  All 29 of them signed the DVD.  

Three very talented jeunes filles, girlies, put it together.  I put it in the computer to watch, thinking how great it would be to show to the entire school during the assembly that I had just signed up for.  They even put it to music.  Song #1:  We Are The Champions by Queen.  Yoohoo! '70's music.  I can name that tune in 3 notes.  Song #2:  (and I only know this because I asked one of my advisees who actually listens to this stuff) Young, Wild, and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.  Not a good idea.  Drinking and getting high.  Not exactly the kind of music I would want the middle schoolers to listen to.  Especially the little innocent 5th and 6th graders.  I love my job too much to lose it.  So, I went into panic mode and grabbed Mme P and explained the situation to her.  She found the girls and I explained it to them.  I wonder if they were thinking What's the big deal?  Et alorsMadame L'Américaine?  Anyway, they managed to work around it and find a new song for the slide show.  I still have my job.  Moral of the story-- listen carefully.  Sometimes it matters.

Here's this year's group.  Yep, I introduced them to hot Krispy Kremes.  Love at first bite!

Nice to meet you!

Bon appétit, my Frenchies!  Vous me manquez...  À la prochaine!

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