Thursday, November 21, 2013

La vie est belle

The fact that life is beautiful, la vie est belle, boils down to way more than Lancôme's latest perfume. My earlier post might have suggested otherwise.  In fact, I find beauty most everywhere.  This rose was on a bush just outside of my classroom.
Beautiful sunsets undo me.  They bring tears to my eyes.  I have to be careful when driving at sunset.  I want to just stop in the middle of a road.  A camera simply cannot capture the colors, but I keep trying.

Full moons are pretty awesome, too.

The lone fall bloom on my lavender bush against a North Carolina November sky.

Maple trees in the fall.

And since winter is fast approaching, my favorite Paris photo from 2013, one I've entitled Montmartre Neige.

Oui, la vie est belle.  Très belle.

Bon appétit, Mother Nature!  Et merci beaucoup.

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