Sunday, November 24, 2013


Twenty-six years ago, as of 1:08 pm today, I became a mother.  Son #1 arrived one week past his due date.  To celebrate, he came to spend the day with us (and to visit his friend who recently became a dad and to go to the Duke basketball game) so we took a stroll down memory lane.  I pulled out the baby book that the Ex-Ex and I kept for him.

We kept all kinds of stuff in here.  And I think that today may have been the first time that Son #1 has looked through it.

and his first room.  We didn't know if he would be a boy or a girl so we went with primary colors and Sandra Boynton cartoon characters.

His darling friend LD sent photos.

We went to our favorite breakfast spot, Foster's, where Son #1 and I had the Grits Bowl.  He swears he will learn to make this.  I won't hold my breath until that happens, though.

The Ex-Ex had a breakfast biscuit with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon.
I didn't make a birthday cake.  We will wait and have cherry pie at Grandma's house on Thanksgiving Day.  Son #2 will be home and, hopefully, the rest of us will get a slice of the pie.

Happy Birthday, Snake.  Dad and I are very proud of you and we love you very much.  Here's to many more birthdays and hours spent tossing the football to your brother at Sunset Beach.

Foster's Grits Bowl

Cheddar cheese
Black beans
Salsa (we asked them to hold the salsa)
Fried eggs
Bacon, sausage or baked ham

Bon appétit and bon anniversaire!