Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beer Dinner 101

I always, always take my camera with me.  I learned that lesson one day while living in Arles.  I went into the center of town, just to go to the toy store with Chef Érick's son.  I didn't see the need for my camera so I left it at the house.  Dumb idea.  Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a Roman parade,  following scantily clad gladiators as they marched right through the middle of town.  No photos.  No proof.  Anyway, that taught me a valuable lesson.  But I must have forgotten it all last night.  Seth, head burger flipper and big kahuna of BCBB, asked me to help out with his premier beer dinner.  Yippee!  Dust off the old waitressing skills and here I come.  No camera.  No proof.  No photo of me in a BCBB shirt.  Oh well.  Seth took photos with his fancy camera (I suffer from lens envy).  Maybe he will share.
Here's the menu we served to his 30 or so eaters, put together by Chef Seth, Chef Zach, and Brewmaster Luke: (I hear that quite a bit of practice went into getting it just right for the guests.  Tough job.)
**If you have a facebook account, Seth has posted a short video of the dinner, with delicious photos, on the BCBB page.

North Carolina Shrimp Crostino
Roasted Peppers, Pickled Chilies, Summer Herb Salad
Beer:  Parrish Street Pale Ale

Local Pork Shoulder
Puffed Pork Skin, Pickled Watermelon Rind
Beer:  Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye

House Made Ricotta Gnudi
Brown Butter, Sweet Tomato
Beer:  Bull's IPA

Braised Beef Short Rib
Charred Summer Squash, Radish & Celery Leaves
Beer:  Honorable Bell's Big Brown Ale

Lemon Polenta Shortbread, Espresso, Whipped Mascarpone
Beer:   Jack Tar Stout

At the end of the evening, I got to taste most everything.  There were no shrimp left over.  What a shock.  There rarely ever is.  What a feast!  The BFF was working, too, and I am fairly sure that out of the corner of my eye I saw her lick her dessert plate.  But no camera.  No proof.

Bon appétit, Seth, Zach and Luke!  You are amazing.  Don't suppose you'd share that lemon polenta shortbread recipe, would you, Zach?  I have some lavender oil and I'll trade for the next time you meet up with a hot oven.  Deal?

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Anonymous said...

T- Check out the BCBB FB page for a photo slideshow of the dinner. Pics of you in a proper shirt even. Thanks for posting about this. - Seth