Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Want to go for a ride?

Yeah, photos can now be posted again on blogger.  No skitches this time.  Instead this beautiful little Frenchie auto.  I'd love to take it and cruise along the backroads of Provence, a picnic basket and blanket in the back seat.  No particular destiny.  Brilliant blue skies overhead.  Cigales singing in the garrigue.  The warm smell of thyme growing wild, along with my beloved lavender.  Want to go along?  Here's what we will put in our panier.
Du pain--
Des cerises--
Du fromage--

Du melon--
Du saucisson--
 Du rosé--

Des macarons--

Beautiful scenery--

 And then back to my petit cabanon--
A little fantasy fun.

Bon appétit, les pique-niques!

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